Taking you places in Austin, Texas

Travis Transit Management, Inc. (TTMI) was incorporated in 2012 to serve the community and citizens of the Austin area by providing excellent transit service. TTMI was incorporated by McDonald Transit, a leader in public transit, since its inception in Fort Worth, Texas in 1972, and is a contractor providing fixed route bus services for Capital Metro.

Our Mission

To provide excellence in public transportation services for our client and their customers. We are committed to efficiency, effectiveness and quality at all levels. We seek the highest standards of ethics and honesty. We take pride in our employees and their accomplishments and seek to provide a rewarding working environment.

Our values



We believe in building a better community through excellent public transit. We care and believe in the vibrant and fast growing community of Austin. We believe in service skills that are extremely professional and at the same time inviting and friendly.


Our quality of work and service is reflective of the dedication, excellent skill set and positive attitude we uphold to all our employees.


Furthering your career at TTMI is important to us. We are committed to helping you become successful by constantly updating your skills and receiving the training you need to reach your goals. TTMI provides thousands of hours of training annually to assist employees in improving skills and knowledge and providing opportunities for development and advancement.


Honesty and respect are at the core of our work ethic and of our service to the community. We believe in a strong work ethic and in rewarding our employees.