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General Questions

Can I apply for more than one job at a time?
Yes, however a separate application needs to be submitted for each individual position for which you wish to apply. Be sure to review your information before submitting each application as not all of your information carries over from one application to the next.
Do I have to fill out all portions of the application if I attach a resume?
Yes. In order to receive full consideration you need to completely fill out each section of the application, even if you attach a resume.
How do I know you have received my application?
Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation email, check your spam or junk folder. Some email accounts read generated emails as spam and filter them out of your in-box.
How long after I apply might I be called for an interview?
Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted directly by a member of our team.
Why is a criminal record search conducted?
The background check policy is to ensure uniformed processes and procedures for pre-employment testing, annual background check testing and to assist in maintaining compliance with the provisions of our contract with Capital Metro. This type of information is collected as a means of promoting a safe work environment for current and future employees. We ensure that all background checks are held in compliance with all federal and state statutes, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
How long are applications valid or kept on file?
Applications are kept on file for 6 months or 180 days.
How do I include a resume, cover letter or other document(s) with my application?
Our online application form will allow you to securely submit both a resume and a cover letter in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), and Rich Text (.rtf) formats.
What type of documents or file format can I upload or attach to my job application?
Your uploaded resume should be in either Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) , or Rich Text format (.rtf).
How do I know entering data is secure through this site?
Transmission of all application/personal information to us is encrypted. We maintain electronic security measures to protect your personal information. Using a security technology known as SSL, we create a secure session for you when you submit your information. The secured site is usually denoted in your browser by either a green or blue lock icon at the top of the screen.

Apply to be a Bus Operator

What are the physical requirements?
All Bus Operators are required to pass a Department of Transportation physical and agility test.
Are all full-time Bus Operators obligated to work split shifts?
All work available to Bus Drivers is selected based on seniority, including split shifts.
Are Bus Operators able to work another job?
A Bus Driver’s work at TTMI must take precedence over all other employment options to ensure passengers are not disadvantaged due to driver absenteeism. As well, drivers must comply with the hours of service regulations as outlined by the FTA and must inform their supervisor.
How long is the training period for Bus Operators? What type of training is involved?
TTMI trains all new Bus Drivers to a CDL Class “B” license standard. The training period for new drivers is 240 hours of training or six weeks. The training consists of one week of classroom training. The remaining five weeks will be spent learning to drive the bus and passing the driving test, learning the CMTA routes and then operating the bus in revenue service with a trainer.
Do those who already possess a Class “B” license (and/or “P” endorsements) have to go through the training?
Yes. All new employees must successfully complete 240 hours of training in order to ensure that all drivers possess the skills, attitude and behavior necessary to meet corporate standards.
Is there a probationary period after the training?
Yes. New employees shall be on probation for the first one hundred ten (110) work days from the date of hire.

Apply to be a Mechanic

How long is the training period for a Mechanic? What type of training is involved?
New Hire Training is at least 80 hours of mechanical orientation to the buses and safety training.
What are the physical requirements?
All mechanics are required to pass a Department of Transportation physical and agility test.
Do Mechanics require a CDL?
A current CDL is not a requirement for hire. However, you will be required to obtain a CDL during your training period before you begin your regular duties.